SurePrint is the new standard in latent print collection. Currently being used in more than 100 organizations across the nation. Law Enforcement, Detention Centers, Banks, and Casinos have all adopted Sure Print to reduce or completely eliminate fingerprint rejections.


SureGrip is a new grip enhancement product designed to exponentially increase the ability to maintain control of your service weapon. SureGrip is a fantastic complement to weightlifting, competitive sports, and any other activity where an increased grip is advantageous.

Reliable, Practical & Functional

We’ve eliminated fingerprint rejections. Get Results. Get Sure Brands.

All Sure Brands Group products are made with hypoallergenic ingredients and materials.

No matter the size of your organization, at .19 per set of prints, you simply can’t afford not to use Sure Print.
Easy Application

Sure Print comes in an easy to use disposable wet wipe eliminating contamination of remaining product.
Quick & Effective

Sure Print works in seconds, eliminates fingerprint rejections, and saves time. Developed for digital and traditional collection methods.

We love this product! The only thing that would make it better is if they came in smaller cloths as I do not think we need such a big piece.

Florida Gulf Coast University P.D.Ft. Meyers, FL

We just received 4 more fingerprint scanners and your product has become
a must have for our department!

Placer County SheriffNorth Auburn, CA

Sure Print is a great product! One night we were having troubles scanning a horizontal palm print. After 4 failed attempts, we tried a Sure Print wipe and successfully captured the prints the first time.

Carthage Police DepartmentJasper County, MO

Sure Grip blew me away! It's become an everyday part of my regimen. It's long lasting effect provides me with an amazing grip on my racket. I've gotten 300 matches out of mine!

George ByrdCompetitive Tennis Player

Your product works miracles! Please let us know how to get more!

Sudbury Police DepartmentSudbury, MA