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Our product lines were developed through collaborations between medical and dermal science. A young pathologist created our flagship product Sure Print, while moonlighting in the medical examiners office in the 60’s. It was used to recover fingerprints under less than desirable conditions. Sure Brands Group is a veteran owned and operated small business leveraging our central location to provide clients convenient shipping times and super fast fulfillment, to have product to you in 2-3 days time.

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Sure Brands Group is located in Carthage Missouri, just 45 minutes west of Springfield, 4 hours Southwest of St. Louis, 2.5 hours south of Kansas City, and 3.5 hours east. of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Carthage is the Jasper County seat and has a rich tradition of history through the Civil War, early the early industrial periods of the USA, and the infamous Route 66.