SureGrip is a new topical hand lotion which uses it’s composition for enhancing grip and friction resistance on a surface, particularly when handling a tool, instrument, or other surface.

This product is unique because it utilizes a combination of hand-gripping compounds, incorporates water resistance, and a moisturizing hand barrier protection to provide an enhanced grip.

This product can be applied to the skin of a person who experiences increased perspiration on the palms, which interferes with maintaining a secure grip in performance. It can be rubbed into skin until substantially absorbed. SureGrip can enhance grip on average for about 3-6 hours.


The key characteristic that sets our product apart from other grip-enhancing compositions is the moisturizing characteristic. Other products have been reported to provide only temporary grip enhancement and wears off quickly, causing frequent reapplication in order to maintain enhancement of grip.

Our formula is moisturizing, long lasting, non-irritating, and non-drying. It can be reapplied as necessary to improve grip and resistance. Since it is non-irritating and non-drying, it can often be used by people with sensitive, dry skin. It does not form a residue on the skin surface, thereby promoting a secure grip.


SureGrip is a perfect compliment to your range bag or kit, physical fitness, competitive sports, or any activity where an enhanced grip is advantageous. Our clients use Sure Grip during competitive shooting matches, lifting heavy weights, tennis, golf, and even┬ácompetitive gaming. If you’re tired of using chalky products that leave a messy residue we’ve got the answer. You name it, we’ve done it. Let us know how you use SureGrip!