What is SurePrint?

SurePrint is a uniquely formulated wipe for use in enhancement of poor fingerprint ridge detail. Fingerprint quality from traditional ink/card fingerprinting and live scan fingerprinting continues to be susceptible to errors due to non-ideal skin conditions. Dry skin or worn ridges prevent proper contact of the ridges with the surface used to obtain the prints. This makes it difficult to read and capture fingerprints.

Why use SurePrint?

SurePrint is particularly useful for enhancing fingerprint ridge detail in those individuals who have dry skin, or those who have poor fingerprint ridge detail (elderly, hard physical labor). It does not leave a residue on the image platen and is non-irritating/non-drying. Other fingerprint enhancing products can irritate the skin and/or fail to enhance fingerprint ridge detail for collection.

Hand creams and lotions have also been used to improve the quality of fingerprints. However, the oils and waxes in the creams take more time to fully absorb into skin and in excess would interfere with ink transference, forming an inaccurate image or leave a residue on the imaging surface of live scan machines. As such, the state of Oklahoma reports an enormous problem with print rejections in nursing, professional licensing, and background checks for purchasing weapons.

Who Currently Uses SurePrint?

We can be found in more than 100 organizations across the country. Our product is widely used in law enforcement organizations, correctional facilities, school districts, casinos, and biometric collection agencies, to collect fingerprints on the first attempt. Licensing bureaus and other professional organizations will benefit greatly from our product.

See it in Action

Before SurePrint

After SurePrint